PBA Volunteer Nurse Corps Vision

The PBA Volunteer Nurse Corps is a group of Nursing Faculty, Nurses in the Community, Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing Students with a heart for the mission of improving health in Palm Beach County.  The VNC is an additional resource to individuals and their families or caregivers in Palm Beach County who may experience gaps in access to healthcare service, or have increased needs during transitions between service providers.  The focus of the Volunteer Nurse Corps would be to provide direct nursing care, health care information and education, or assistance with navigating the health care services in the community.

All Volunteers with the VNC will go through application process, which includes a background check, and documentation of physical health and immunization status as well as BLS certification.  This is traditionally completed on all undergraduate and graduate students in the nursing program at PBA, as well as any other nursing schools that may decide to join in the VNC.  Faculty members also have these items on file in the School of Nursing.  Community Nurses would require additional submission of these documents – in the certified background profile during the application process.

All Volunteer Nursing Corps members will submit an application.  Access to an online orientation module on e-college will be provided to all members to complete.  Information about the VCN mission and philosophy, and policies and procedures will be provided there.  Modules on Safety, Ethics and Values, OSHA, Cultural Diversity and Roles and Responsibilities will be included there.

The Volunteer Nursing Corps will be supervised by a director or coordinator who will oversee the schedule of volunteers, and be the liaison between requests for assistance with volunteers available.  Volunteers may provide assistance with direct care or activities of daily living by nursing students, or skilled nursing assistance such as medication teaching, setting up medication boxes or assistance with setting up regimen required for new diagnosis such as diabetes by RNs.  Requests for volunteers may come from individuals or independent licensed providers affiliated with the Community Partners that have been established with the VCN.  Community Partners will have established letters of agreement with the Volunteer Nursing Corps.  Links to the application for Community Partner agreements are provided on website.

Requests for assistance will be submitted through the VCN website, and will be screened by the VCN director or designee.  An initial visit for assessment will always be conducted by The VCN or licensed provider designee along with a second individual.  The VCN director or designee will link the individual(s) in the request with the appropriate level of care (direct care: nursing students, skilled care:  RNs, advanced practice (ARNPs)).  Documentation of service provided will be submitted by the volunteer on the template available through the website.  There are no charges for the services provided.  Students may receive clinical hours or Community service hours, and Faculty may be compensated for their Faculty Practice or Community Service hours.