At one of our community partner sites-a middle aged female came in wheezing due to an exacerbation of her asthma because of the allergy season. She was walking to obtain treatment at Good Samaritan Emergency Room because of wheezing and shortness of breath-she stopped to rest at the community site to, “catch my breath”. Our student (along with the site APRN) quickly diagnosed and treated her. What we learned was this woman has been going to Good Sam’s Emergency Room for nebulizer (breathing) treatments every time she experiences an exacerbation. An basic Emergency Room visit is $6,000 / plus the cost of the contracted physicians’ s service / plus the cost of treatment and medication…we are looking at an Emergency Room bill of approximately $8,000.00 every time this uninsured woman went to the ED for treatment. Because of the nursing care and prayers this woman received from our student-she is now coming to the community partner site for treatment / instead of the ED! Our student (under the supervision of the APRN) has administered 12 treatments to this women in the past 6 weeks. This is not only precious conservation of approximately $96,000.00 of healthcare dollars, but more importantly…we are caring for our community as the bible guides us / caring for every person as a whole…spiritually and physically.

Several other patients’ have received nebulizer treatments due to exacerbation of their asthma because of the increase in pollens this year. An additional 18 treatments have been administered to several patients. This is a successful healthcare outcome for the patients / with an additional ED cost savings of $144,000.00.
Total cost saving of healthcare dollars related to uninsured ED visits=$240,000.00