“It is a blessing and a privilege to have the opportunity to serve our community in this capacity. I appreciate the heart of VNC and believe that our community will benefit in many ways because of those outreach opportunities.” – Kelly Douglas

“I was very blessed to serve my community through the VNC.” – Angel Aguilar

“I was pleased with the variety of sites available for volunteering.” – Allison Delpesche

“Thank you very much for providing information, location, and making my experience a memorable one! Thank you for your kindness!” – Anonymous

“We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to give back to our community. Thank you so much for having us!” – Nithya Keerikatte

“I enjoyed my volunteering experience at St. Ann’s Place. I still go back on occasional Fridays and have recommended their facility to other nursing students.” – Jessica Nasrallah

Enjoyed this experience tremendously. Would love to volunteer here again.” – Tempes Wood

“I had a wonderful volunteer experience with Fontaine, diabetes coalition, and the Florida Blue staff. It was a great learning opportunity for me as a future NP and current nurse. I had the chance to learn how to use an A1C machine, and other services offered in the community.” – Anonymous

“This was a great honor to have volunteered at the Brain Bowl. I learned a lot about the importance of these fundraisers and how successful they can be when organized in the fashion of the VNC.” – Ruth Haamankuli

“My experience at Alzcare in West Palm Beach was outstanding. I truly enjoyed my day with them and will be happy to return for future volunteering.”

Royal Palm Beach Rec Center: Aug 29,2019 “Seventy-four-year-old female’s blood pressure (BP) was elevated (174/86).  She said she felt, ‘fine, but this is high for me’.  Patients are instructed to bring their medications so the VNC can review, and answer any questions our seniors may have.  She was on a low dose of losartan (BP medication-50mg daily).  Patient was very distraught / did not want to go the emergency department.  I contacted her physician / he increased the medication to two tablets daily, and we scheduled a follow up appointment for her in two days.  After 90 minutes her BP came down to 148/82 (what the patient said is ‘normal’ for her).  This situation had a positive patient outcome:   she remained calm because she did not have to go via ambulance to the emergency department.  This also saved approximately $2,500.00 in emergency room fees.”

” I definitely enjoyed volunteering with VNC because it gives me a sense of purpose in life as a nurse leader.” – Dana Waight

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. The women the next morning shared what an impact it was sharing sharing with one another. Her gratitude in that she was getting her first mammogram ever today!!! Thank you for being part of the changes in these ladies lives! -Val Santiago Stanley, Director of Women’s Services